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Capital DNA Testing, LLC

Capital DNA Testing, LLC is a Private, Veteran-Owned DNA, and Drug & Alcohol Testing and Background Check Company that provides affordable and mobile services. There are many testing companies to choose from.  However, no other testing company can, or will provide the personal touch Capital DNA Testing delivers to its clients.  We offer a full menu of DNA (Paternity-Family Relationship), Forensic, and Drug & Alcohol Tests and Background Checks. Capital DNA Testing offers in-house (at our location in Richland) and on-site (at the location you request) testing that exceeds legal test requirements for Law Enforcement, Attorney, Court, Work Place and Individual testing. We employ the only DNA testing laboratory to use 24 markers instead of 16 for all paternity cases. No other DNA Laboratory in the country offers 24 markers as their testing standard.



DNA Testing

When there is a paternity or other family relationship question, the problem will never go away without positive proof. We provide Paternity, Maternity, Avuncular, Siblingship, Grand Paternity, Invasive Pre-Natal (before the child is born), Y-Chromosome, Forensic Genetics (Infidelity) depending on your particular situation and needs. Our laboratory is the only laboratory in the industry that routinely tests 24 markers for paternity test (50% more than any other laboratory). More markers tested translates into more accuracy and reliable tests results.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol abuse continues to be a growing problem throughout our society. You may be an attorney requiring Drug and/or Alcohol testing for a client, or an individual who has a concern for a family member, or an employer who has or wants to initiate/enforce a Drug Free Workplace Policy. Whatever the case, we can help. We provide 24/7 mobile testing for Standard Drug Testing Panels, Hair Testing, Synthetic Drug Testing Panels (Club Drugs), Exposure Testing for children who may have been exposed to drugs, DOT Testing, and Alcohol Testing.

Employment Screenings (Background Checks)

It is more important now than ever to know as much about clients, employees, renters, etc. as possible. We make the process easy right from your desk computer. Screenings are not generated from a single data base. Each screening is personally controlled by a professional licensed Private Investigator. All types of background checks (credit histories, local & state criminal records, prior-residence, prior-employment, etc.) searches are available. You can customize your search to meet your unique requirements and only pay for what you need.

Why Us?

Mississippi’s Mobile DNA Testing Service

Here are the reasons why you should consider Capital DNA Testing, LLC for Your DNA Testing Needs:

  • We are a Mississippi Company. There are no out of state call centers to deal with. You will deal with us from your first call until your results are delivered to you.
  • We have minimal overhead which makes Capital DNA Testing, LLC a more affordable service than anyone else.
  • We are completely MOBILE. We conduct tests in physician offices, attorney offices, clinics, hospitals, anywhere the client feels comfortable and secure. This is the main reason we are so affordable for the services we perform. As stated above we have minimal overhead to worry about and we pass this savings on to you – the consumer.
  • Immediate appointments are available. We routinely schedule appointments the same day as your call. The next day on a regular basis.
  • Our results are Court Ready and legally admissible. They are more often than not ready for verbal delivery in three to five business days of lab receipt. Hard copy results usually are delivered to the client within a week of testing.
  • We GUARANTEE that we are the most affordable, personal, confidential and discreet mobile DNA testing service available in Mississippi.

Capital DNA Tesing, LLC. is the most referred mobile DNA testing service in Mississippi by hospitals, labs, attorneys, physicians, state agencies, federal agencies, etc. If you need quick, confidential and discreet answers to questions that can be resolved through DNA testing, you owe it to yourself, your family and/or your clients to call Capital DNA Testing, LLC for help.


Contact us seven days a week for appointment coordination and sample collections across all of Mississippi.


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Our phone number is 601-201-0880.
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